Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great song, hope they pull it off

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I want to pay a quick tribute to HEALTH, probably my favorite new LA band right now. I talked about them a little while ago but that was before I owned their self-titled, which is far superior to their remix album.

I'll give the disclaimer that I don't think this band is for everyone, but if you can handle progressive music that is far from pop, subtly intelligent, and makes you clench your teeth, then I highly recommend:

This band’s debut LP is one of the most adrenaline pumping pieces of work I have heard in a long time. It resides somewhere between noise, electronica, and punk, and they do an incredible job of building their songs from beginning to end, and mashing the songs together. When I first listened it was exactly what I was looking for, however nothing like I had heard. The first four songs on their self-titled could have been one. And they all build up to the climax Crimewave, and that song is simply brilliant.

Crimewave - HEALTH

You should really listen to the whole album, because the progression to this song is perfect.

The album was recorded live at a small venue in downtown LA, the Smell. This makes the album perfectly raw and clean at the same time. That doesn't mean it sounds like a live album, because it doesn't. It just means that they can pull of all their material flawlessly live, which I've heard other fans attest to. Needless to say I'm excited for the show at the Troubadour in early September.

Not to mention that the design on all of their albums is beautiful and unique. Look at the LP:

This is partially to show off my setup.

Not coincidentally their new album comes out in September 7, and if you preorder the LP you get to download the mp3's a month early which is, wait a minute, tomorrow. Can't wait for this piece of work to come out, should be a great album to work to.

This band definitely has a monumental album in them. I hope for them, LA, and noise rock as a whole that they pull it off. I think they will.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MacBook Pro

I'm sitting here listening to this relaxing piece of work, just rereleased on vinyl:

This is my first post on my new MacBook Pro. I picked this up today after some short endeavors and a quick personality crisis.

As a trader, I like to think I know "value," or at least I convince myself that I do. The easiest, and probably most practical, way to measure value is by how much it costs. So when it came to getting a new computer I compared the Macs and PCs side by side and realized I could get a PC with the same specs for $600 cheaper. This was enough of a reason to make me, a 4 year Mac user, convert back and purchase a PC.

I was really excited by this money I would save. This excitement pinnacled when I received it on my doorstep, yet sharply subsided. As ridiculous as it sounds, the computer was so ugly-- hideous-- that I could not get into it. With both my old beat up Mac and my brand new professional looking Lenovo competing side by side, I would still use the Mac. It was after a couple of days I realized that I couldn't make the shift, the Mac simply was too beautiful, simple, stress relieving, and pleasant.

So then what is value, Mr Cash Generating Trader? Value is making yourself happy, and many times money simply does not complete the picture. Spend the extra cash, get the extra product. I feel relieved.

This album is really fucking good. Krautrock at its finest. The members of Kraftwerk going haywire. The 70s would have been pretty cool.