Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glastonbury Day 1: Fucked Up

Oh boy, here we go.

I don't know how to start describing how ridiculous this show was. I'll probably go in chronological order, trying to recapture the insanity of Pink Eyes / Damian Abraham's performance.

I found this today and fight it quite suiting:

Damian showed up to the stage wearing wellies, baggy shorts, a familiar hip hop inspired tshirt, and the Glastonbury pass around his neck. Holding a plastic bottle of wine along with a plastic cup shaped as a wine glass, he poured the wine into the cup, sipped it with one pinky sticking out, and then splashed the rest onto his face right before screaming at the top of his lungs for the intro to Son of the Father.

He ran around for a bit, still fully clothed, still screaming into the microphone, and then proceeded to climb the rigging and sing a full song while hanging with one arm, wellies still on his feet.

Shortly after coming down, he jumped off the stage and joined the audience, singing from right behind the barrier, grabbing the crowd into it. After a couple minutes he slipped and feel backwards, onto the floor, and into the mud. Keep in mind that it rained all night prior and the floor was far from solid. Instead of getting up, he just stayed there, and sang the rest of the song, on his back and deep in the mud.

When he got up his back was fully brown and he received a rambunctious cheer from the crowd. He took off his shirt, and commenced singing into the crowd, now shirtless.

At about this time Damian took a second to address the crowd. "People told me Glastonbury was crazy. But I had no idea how fucking crazy this place really is. People are literally living in human shit!" We all laughed, and the show continued.

By this point people began to crowd surf, and you guessed it, Damian wanted a piece of the action. This is from NME:

When the crowd realized they couldn't actually carry him (sweaty, harry, muddy, overweight) Damian fell to the floor, but again, kept singing. After getting up and mashing with the crowd for a little while he stormed through everyone to the back of the tent, the rear stage where the guys run the mixing board.

He was exhausted by the time he got there, which is understandable considering he was wearing wellies and had to push through some 20,000 people.

At this point we were lucky enough to catch sight of both his ass and his penis.

After singing a few songs at the back, he again pushed through the crowd to finish off his set at the front.

He closed with a couple more songs and an interesting bit. "I want to thank the security guards for letting me do all of this. I can't tell you how many shows I've been to where I've been kicked off the stage for trying to have some fun. Let's give it up for these guys." And they got their applause.

My friend Julian is convinced that they are going to make a training video for security guards titled 'What is wrong with this performance?' Let's be honest, this would have never happened in America.

It was a crazy show, and I'm pretty sure Damian knew it would be when he showed up.

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