Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glastonbury Day 1: Fleet Foxes

This is a band I have not seen yet however have heard that they are very good live, so I made the trek and squeezed through the crowd to see these Northwesterners play on a stage and to an audience that was way too large.

I think it was a mistake to put Fleet Foxes at the Pyramid Stage. The Pyramid hosts some 60-100k people, depending of course on the act, and is mostly tuned to mainstream rock or pop that gets you dancing and tapping your toes. You need someone loud and charismatic, not a group of singer-songwriters that are akin to playing shows in small clubs and bars.

Pecknold started with "I feel honored to be scared shitless of all of you." The crowd didn't laugh too much but I did. Remember who these guys were a little over a year ago? Neither do I.

All in all, it was difficult to really see these guys but their music did sound great. The guitars and harmonies were perfect as far as I could tell, but who really knows, I was a football field away.

Is that even them?

People were enjoying it, and singing along, but again really not attuned for 4 pm at the Pyramid. They should have been headlining the Park stage on the third night.

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