Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glastonbury Day 1: Animal Collective

Animal Collective headlined the first night at the Park Stage. The Park is secluded from the rest of Glastonbury, and takes a good 20 minute walk off of the main grounds to reach.

When I originally saw this I had the feeling that the show would be smaller and more personal, and I was right. The stage was much smaller than most, and sits at the bottom of a rounded hill that envelops the sound the same way as an amphitheater. Perfect for all of the acts that I saw there.

This was easily my favorite stage of Glastonbury, and falls into one of my favorites of all time:

Full crescent moon.

Not to mention that this stage was absolutely perfect for this band. There was no display in the back of the stage, just a black sheet with a number of small lights popping out and a few large ones blazing through the band. Animal Collective set up their long and thin neon light sets, the only prop that assisted them on stage other than a few spotlights above. And it was perfect.

I managed to squeeze my way to the front for this one, primarily because I ventured off alone. To me, AC still remain the most important band right now, and I wanted to get up front. Seeing them up close at the Troubadour vs up top at the Wiltern made a huge difference, in fact I didn't enjoy the Wiltern show. Being up close made this another monumental show.

These are some of the best pictures I have ever taken of a band.

Their equipment:

Does that setup not scream at you "Animal Collective"?

And of course, them:

Fucking beautiful setup.

This show was nothing short of perfect. No hiccups, no sounds problems, no singing issues, the sound was great, they were into it, we were into it. I haven't seen Panda Bear rock out that hard, nor sound that good, so I think this was a particularly good show for them.

They played a mostly Merriweather set while throwing in "Fireworks" and "Slippy." My only complaint is that they didn't play "Leaf House," a song they have included every time I have seen them, and one of my personal favorites live. In addition English crowds love to dance and that song has one of the sickest buildups/basslines that would have made everyone go nuts.

But you can't have everything. This was as close to perfect as we're going to get. One of my two favorite shows of the weekend.

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