Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glastonbury Day 0: We Have Band

There were only a few shows on Thursday, as the festival formally started Friday, however I managed to see one that I thought was worthwhile.

We Have Band made it to Glastonbury by winning a Q Magazine competition. They weren't kidding--they gave these guys four full slots in four days. And then they're off to tour Europe. It sounds a little bit fixed to me but nevertheless I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

After sitting through a painful hour with Maximo Park, whilst many English teenagers jumped up and down my back, We Have Band came on. A threesome wearing all white and consisting of a white guy on bass (mostly through effects), an Eastern European looking girl on vocals and keyboards/synths, and a black guy who stood while singing and handling percussion.

In case you weren't aware that the late 70s and 80s are back:

This band reminded me a lot of CSS, or other bands that are newer yet sound like they came off one of the New York Noise compilations. Very dance/electro/funk; beat, synth, and vocal driven. It's by no means excellent or groundbreaking, but fun nevertheless. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get their heart rate up before a night out.

I was impressed with the band's performance, they put on a good show. Their instrumentation was nearly flawless, especially with regards to the drummer. Standing up and playing a full drum set, while at the same time singing, is by no means easy, however he pulled it off. The female singer was suiting for this type of music and her dance moves kept the crowd intrigued. The bass player was rather subdued and typical and probably the only weak link to the performance, but it wasn't distracting and our eyes focused on the other two.

This is one of those bands that I could see hitting the main stream, at least for a short while. We should keep our eyes open.

Here's a tune, one of their singles, and gives a good idea of what their music sounds like:

Oh! - We Have Band

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