Sunday, May 31, 2009

King Khan and the Shrines @ the Echo

This was a fucking mess. It was insane. They were so much fun, exactly what I wanted. The perfect evening, and one of those nights that I will think about for days.

From the first song to the last the band went crazy and wanted to make the crowd go crazy. Khan, with his various outfits and props, danced, screamed, sang, and knew how to handle the microphone like a 70s funk superstar. The guitar player, with the notable word "Indie" written on the neck, held the rhythm or lead with an enthusiastic smile. The keyboard player was throwing around his instrument like it was a guitar, holding it over his head and letting it fall on the floor. They even had a cheerleader waving pompoms or shaking mariachis purely for our visionary pleasure.

Most importantly, they were having a great time, and so were we.

The videos are great. Every time I watch them I burst out laughing.

Here's Khan coming out to start the night off:

They pulled a birthday girl on stage, gave her a pinata, then she threw it into the crowd and King Khan followed to make sure we smashed it:

Was the man-gina too much?

This was too funny to even summarize. One of the best videos I've taken, really shows how raw and fun this show was:

Shows like this remind me why I love live music.

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