Sunday, May 3, 2009

the Black Lips @ the El Rey Theatre

I don't know if it was because I was drunk and didn't have to go to work the next day, or because the redesigned El Rey Theatre is one of the better venues I've been to in LA, or because the Black Lips put on an excellent show, but I can't get over how good of a time I had on Friday night.

The Black Lips are known for putting on rambunctious shows and I am glad I finally got to see them. It was really just a mess. The crowd couldn't keep off the stage. After the first song one guy decided to crowd surf, then another, and then more and more until the final song where the band was just swarmed.

It was really entertaining watching the security gaurds try to control the situation. When someone would jump on stage, either the fat white guy to the left or the short stocky Mexican guy to the right would try to chase them down only to see them jump off the stage. By the end of the show they kind of gave up. The one guy had a smile on his face as he was pushing person after person off the stage.

I really got the feeling that the band loved LA. They seemed to have a great time during the show, as if they had played shows in LA before that went well. But maybe they just do this everywhere. I'd be extremely impressed if they could put on a show this good at every stop.

Some great videos, we were standing at a really good spot and were able to see the stage very clearly:

Go to the 2 minute mark where the crowd is holding Jared up by his feet:

Unfortunately I missed Cole break his guitar after this last song. I stopped the video 2 seconds too soon...

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