Friday, April 17, 2009

Tunes of the moment

So let's add 3 to my list.


I'm late on this one, I know. I picked up their most recent lp and it somehow was exactly the record I was looking for. Stark funk/rock/electro/punk, the elements of each song build on one another, very layered and easy to rock out to. Sharp. I'm glad they're from LA, going to have to catch them after this European tour.

Triceratops (CFCF remix final version) - HEALTH

Two Door Cinema Club

Guilty pleasure, super catchy.

Quiet Village - Silent Movie

This is one of those albums that got passed up in 2008 but music snobs will find it and will remember it. Another collection of subtle samples, dreamy beats, and gorgeous melodies. Can be suited for a day at work or while you read a book or to a vivid scene in a movie, or whatever you fancy. Excellent album altogether, flows from beginning to end.

lp / cd is out of print (licensing reasons?) so get it quickly if you can.


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  1. yo! I've got that Quiet Village album too. It's great stuff, glad you like it.