Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the Pixies

I was introduced to the Pixies by too many people. At the time I started my journey into music the Pixies had pretty much laid the groundwork for everyone. Every band I loved mentioned the Pixies as an influence. Every music lover I knew mentioned the Pixies as one of their favorite bands. So was it difficult?

As an amateur, music like this hurts the ear. It's not polished, it's not fine. It's raw. And, most importantly, it's different. I didn't love it at first but somehow I knew it was brilliant and after that third listen it hit me. The stark guitar lines, pounding drums, yelping Francis, charming Deal, in one gorgeous form of artistic rock.

the Pixies took my journey to finding good music in a whole new direction. They were the first that allowed me to accept and furthermore seek out more unpolished bands. I'm sure every music lover has that one band that made them love more raw types of rock and roll. the Velvet Underground? late Rolling Stones? the Clash? the Sex Pistols? the Replacements? I don't know... Mine started here.

Like all great bands, they defined much of the sound of their time. They didn't sound like anything before them and brewed a wave of music after them. That is fucking epic. Do you know how hard that is to do? Neither do I.

It was only fitting that my High School life culminated with Coachella back in 2004, where the Pixies reunited and played to a crowd of 50,000 people screaming and cheering and loving every minute of it. Could they have filled a show that large back before they broke up? Probably not, but that's the beauty of art and influence.

That was one of the best nights of my life.

Hey - Pixies

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