Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Record Store Day!

I hope you made it out to your favorite record store today as they probably had events and new music and great deals. Here are some of my purchases:

Radiohead - My Iron Lung EP

So we all know Capitol has been raping and pillaging their material, but it's ok with me if they are re-releasing great EPs like this one, on vinyl. A great example of how many great songs came out of their recording sessions. The 3 extras didn't make the Bends. While I can understand this, considering every song on the album is incredible, just imagine if any other band released these B-sides. I guess it's not fair to compare anyone else's music to Radiohead tho...

All of their EPs were released for record store day so if you have the chance to pick some of these up I highly recommend!

Lozenge Of Love - Radiohead

Talking Heads - st

1977, one of the great years in music, one of the highlights of that year. And let's face it the Talking Heads brought the 80s (and much of the 90s and 00s), David Byrne and co lead the way. It all started here. Simply a classic, I'm very glad they re-released this album on vinyl for this holiday.

Psycho Killer (Remastered Album Version ) - Talking Heads

Jay Reatard / Sonic Youth 7" - Hang them All / No Garage

Limited edition 7" from Matador, I got the last one. Jay Reatard is the best punk band out right now. Sonic Youth. Can't post a song because it's brand new and I can't import it from plastic.

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