Thursday, April 23, 2009

Future Islands @ the Troubadour

I went to see Dan Deacon last night at the Troubadour and was blown away by the opening band, Future Islands. I'll start my first round of posts about last night with this group of musicians.

Future Islands are a synth pop band based out of Baltimore that I had previously not heard about before going to the show. Three guys, a drum machine / synth / keyboardist, a bass player, and the lead singer. When they stepped on the stage my friend Sabrina and I had no idea what to expect. For a second we thought it was going to be lame.

But this lead singer immediately tore the place apart. His powerful voice and body gestures, call them spazzes or what not, got everyone moving, and he was hands down intoxicating. He was completely into the music, singing and dancing and throwing the mic, fully animated.

Many times his voice reminded of Tom Waits, or other blues singers, projecting from the bottom of the throat, pushing all the air out of the body through the verse, then having to catch a breath. I don't think I've seen someone sweat so much during a show.

So I picked up their newest single and their one album and have been addicted to it for the past day. While I am not as big of a fan of the outright upbeat pop songs, even though his voice still projects perfectly, the album as a whole is worthwhile. There are two songs which are stunningly powerful:

Heart Grows Old - Future Island

Little Dreamer - Future Island

Here is a video of a song from the show, which unfortunately I can't find on their MySpace or on the albums I bought. Even though it was not their best of the night, it still gives a good idea for how excellent performers these guys are.

I'll talk about Mr Deacon another time.

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