Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Night and Books

This reminds me of those fun college weekends-- studying on a Saturday night. I'm taking another bs (but necessary) government test to become a licensed equity trader, the 55. Taking a break here to post. Ironically I was watching Trading Places earlier today. Great movie, depicts how monumental Wall St. was in the 80s, it is way different today (aside from the crash).

In good timing, I received a great album today in the mail: Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians. The album is one piece, very ambient, spacious, and minimalist, and served as excellent studying music. Reminds me of much of Eno's late 70s ambient work. I already went through it 4 times. The artwork feels like the album:

On another note, I updated my playlist, to add some new and remove the truncated songs (sorry AC).

I heard White Rainbow from the DJ that opened for Animal Collective. I called the guy over and asked him what it was, he handed over the record, I wrote it down, purchased, and love it.

The Fever Ray is pretty good, and I think this song kills it. We all know she has an incredibly seductive voice, but this song just grabs me. I'm not sure why she decided to leave her brother out of this one, because I could see this album killing it with a backup creepy vocalist, but I will take it for what it is.

If you follow the music scene and you haven't been listening to Wavves then you've probably been living in a hole. A friend at work told me that he likes them but feels like he will get sick of them quickly. I said that it's not often that we get great pop punk bands, and to appreciate it. This song is off the first album, it's my favorite song of theirs, reminds me of the Liars with the minimalist beat and sharp guitars. A great piece of work.

And back to the Replacements again. Or Paul Westerberg rather. A very emotional song, a B-Side off of Stink most likely because it was in stark contrast with the rest of the album.


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