Thursday, March 26, 2009

Early 09 (and Late 08) Mixtape

I'm doing this for the following reasons:

1. I want to sharing the music I like in greater quantity--these posts are too slow

2. I'm copying Amoeba

3. the VU don't belong in the same playlist as the Zombies

So I'm splitting up my music into my favorites of all time (subject to change) and the music I've been listening to in early '09 (and some late '08).

Animal Collective's Merriweather goes into one of my favorite albums of the decade and probably of all time but it really took over my life this year so it belongs in this list, for now.

It's been difficult finding the Replacements' Let It Be on lp so I've kept myself busy by buying their albums that I don't own, one being Hootenanny. This song struck me as very non-Replacements or Paul Westerberg but pretty interesting.

This is a Pandora pick, on my MSTRKRFT station, its pretty sick.

Frank Black, this brings me back to high school, and my Pixies days (which will obviously never end).

I picked the wrong Pretenders song earlier so I'm replacing it with this badass fucking piece of punk rock in 7/4. Don't forget to clench your teeth.

Follow with some more Jay Reatard, these guys put on a great show, and if they can stick around for a while I'm sure will be releasing some excellent tunes.

I revisited the Battles album when I picked it up from Turntable Lab in LA. Great sound quality and musicianship, I enjoy listening while s'ing a b.

Squarepusher never struck me but I think this song does. The drum beat is really precise and overlaps the keyboards very well. I was hoping for a more fulfilled build up but I can't get everything.

This Boards of Canada reminds me of why hip hop artists are dumb. It took Kanye West over a year to rob Daft Punk, why haven't they discovered Boards of Canada yet? These guys put out the sickest beats and catchiest simple keyboard riffs.

I think this version of Jigsaw Falling Into Place is better than the version on In Rainbows, what a cool drum machine beat and vivid guitar sound. Thom's voice always a plus.

They rereleased all of New Order's records and I've been fortunate enough to pick up Brotherhood. Bizarre Love Triangle is the track that stuck out most on first listen.

I've talked enough about the Zombies, they're pretty good, but I got sick of it quickly.

Bon Iver, obviously a breakup classic, I played this for a friend who was going through a breakup and it made her cry. I mean it's pretty powerful but I didn't realize...

I wasn't the greatest Grizzly Bear fan, I think they are good not great. I think the D of E is a superiour album to Yellow House and furthermore gives me hope that these well dressed gents will be putting out good music for quite some time. I'm a huge fan of the interlude on the album, I think that song is gorgeous, but it's not on Imeem and I'm too lazy to get it from my car right now. Sorry.

The Walkmen's You & Me is one of the best albums of '08. I spent a lot of time with this one when I started training at my job, those 110 hour weeks were funnnnnn

I revisited Wolf Parade's first album after putting it down for two years. I loved this one in college and I think the song Dinner Bells is incredibly powerful and sharp. When the song slows down at the end and the guitar is screeching in the background and the keyboard bursting back and forth I feel inspired.

And back to Radiohead, again, with the song that never made an album yet is brilliant. You could make a album out of Radiohead's b-sides and it would be pretty solid, no?

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