Sunday, March 15, 2009

DJ AEIOU - Jeanjacket

This album is pretty sick. Of course recommended at Amoeba, it's a live DJ set from this underground dj that I've never heard of and can't find online unfortunately.

It's rock n roll, its funk, its soul, even some new wave, what a great piece of work. Not the best mixing, but I think that is hard to do considering its not electronic and each song is very different.

I have only heard one of the songs on this album, the second, and as I'm constantly looking for new music these dj's I've been hearing recently have showed me plenty. There is hope!

I want to find out more about this guy so that I can see him in LA one of these days. Would be a great time I'm sure.

Of course its a long mix, so if you're impatient go to the two songs starting at about 22:00. Those two are my favorites.

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  1. Dude, this mix is fucking hot. I'm loving it so far, I'm about 15 min in. Also, the only song I recognize so far is the second one as well hahaha.

    I've found mixes to be a great way to get into new music.

    There's a store in London that always has good homemade mixes for sale, Sounds of the Universe. I got a weird disco mix cd there over the summer that I loved.

    You might want to hit up if you haven't already. It's my number 1 stop for mixes. They cover a good selection of genres too. I think AC have one up there if I'm not mistaken.