Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cut/Copy @ Club Nokia

This was officially the first time I have gone out during the week with my new job (sadly). But I did it for Cut/Copy because their last album In Ghost Colours is one of the better albums of the decade.

The show was originally supposed to be at the Henry Fonda, and when I got an email saying that it would be in downtown in the new LA Live complex at Club Nokia I had mixed feelings. I was happy because the Henry Fonda has the worst sound of any venue I've been to in LA, and I was pissed because I would have to drive to downtown, where the drive home would take another 15 minutes off my already to-be-deprived sleep.

First off, Club Nokia was awesome. Besides being brand new and having excellent sound, the design of the place was great. The pit was more of a dance floor and was spaced perfectly around the stage, and the upper seating section (where my friend Shir and I decided to sit) was extremely close to the stage. That is partly because we managed to get seats in the VIP section and also because of the thought that was put into getting the most people possible close to the performer.

And of course Cut/Copy put on a great show. They're so foreign and so nerdy and so 80s and they rocked the house. Everyone was dancing, everyone was having a great time. It's impossible to sit still when you listen to this band. Here were some of my favorites in the order they played them:

Nobody Lost, Nobody Found:

Sands of Time:

Out There On The Ice:

This was a riot, Lights and Music, I love the shot at 2:27:

My one regret is not recording So Haunted, because their 10 or so minute version of the song was the best of the night. Next time...

I got home at 1 am, and of course had to get up at 4, so you can imagine how I felt at work today. It's 7 pm in LA now, and I'm going to bed.

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