Monday, March 23, 2009

Brian Eno - Another Green World

My first collector's item, I bought an original vinyl from the 70s and I'm framing it on my wall. Never to be played.

This is one of my favorite albums of all time, as evidenced by a song already appearing on my blog. The soundscapes Eno produces on the album are vivid and beautiful, and bring you to a totally different place. The album was released in 1975, and you can hardly tell.

I picked up this album at Caliban back during my sophomore year of college, per their recommendation. If you live in Pittsburgh and you have not been to this book/record store you are only cheating yourself. I remember marveling at the artwork on the cover before taking it back to my basement and playing it on repeat for hours.

The album tells a story, and flips between late 70s rock, ambient, singer/songwriter, and most importantly instrumental. The main word I could use to describe the album is colorful, and spacious. It truly does bring you to a separate place.

There are many notable cameos on the album. John Cale, known for his work with early VU, plays viola on a couple. Phil Collins, who played in Genesis, features drums. The most memorable is Robert Fripp, mainly known for his work in King Crimson, playing his signature guitar sound on "St Elmo's Fire".

I would not say this was my first introduction to ambient music, even though the album is not entirely ambient, but it was definitely my true introduction into this "type" of music. That is a hard statement to make because I don't think the album is classifiable. Kind of on it's own. After hearing the album I understood where this musical mindset came from that many bands have tried to replicate. You will understand too.

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