Thursday, February 19, 2009

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

I've been waiting for this album to come in the mail for a week now. Since I set up my turntable, and since my last post, I have bought a decent number of records, but I really didn't want to write about any of them until I got Van Morrison's Astral Weeks.

Some say Van Morrison has the best rock and roll voice of all time, and that's hard to disagree with. His voice is his own instrument, and he treats it like an instrument. At times he can hit you so hard you feel it at the bottom of your spine.

This album is not easy listening, it's very personal. It's so personal that it's almost hypnotic. He evokes your imagination and your feelings in ways that no other musicians have. And it's really with just his voice...

His voice really carries the whole album. Every song is a poem, and every lyric can and should be read and analyzed.

Most notable is his ability to repeat simple words and phrases, with the vocal lines and projection fluctuating, for an extended period of time. He turns something simple into something so complex, it's really hard to explain but easy to feel when you are listening.

Probably one of the greatest records of all time, so naturally it's not possible to pick a favorite to post on the blog. Madame George is a classic.

She loves to love the love that loves to love the love. Huh? Just listen.

It's tough to write about this album, especially after this. But if you're looking for a great album and you have spare time to devote to this masterpiece then spend it with Van Morrison, it's incredibly beautiful.

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