Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jay Reatard @ the Echoplex

I just got back from a crazy 3 piece punk band from Tennessee. Mr Kelley introduced me to these guys a month back, I got one album, Matador Singles, then another, Blood Visions, and I was hooked. The band reminds me of a modern Buzzcocks but crazier, punk that's fun yet angry and makes you want to break your face. I don't know what that means...

This band made me rock out so hard my hair was a mess, my shirt was sweaty, my neck hurt, my ears rang, and I needed to catch my breath. They played one song after the other, no break, flawless guitars and bass, even more flawless drums. They were sweating and kept spitting on the floor. Or maybe that was sweat dropping.

I was up front, on the barrier, kind of by accident, but fighting to stay up there was worth it. I haven't been that into a show for a very long time.

I talked to a photographer Scott Schultz who works for LA Record and he took many pictures. I will ask him for some to post.

Jay didn't punch anyone this time around.

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