Monday, January 12, 2009

Alternative & Punk

I started upload my music at work and realized that about 70% of my music iTunes classifies as 'Alernative & Punk.' I agree that I listen to mostly music that is alternative, and a lot of music that is punk, but it was interesting to see the proportion.

Although I like all types of music, I really like bands that explore new realms. Bands that can make songs sound incredible without a preset mold are bands that last. the Beatles and the Beach Boys for Pop. Miles Davis jazz. Bob Dylan singer/songwriter. the Rolling Stones rock and roll. Pink Floyd psychedelic. the Clash punk. David Bowie and Marc Bolan glam. David Byrne and Brian Eno new wave. the Pixies and Nirvana grunge. Radiohead. I'm leaving out dozens of great bands, probably on purpose, but I apologize in advance.

One band not only broke many new grounds but so happens to define my musical taste. They are the fathers (and mother) of Alternative, and they are the designers of Punk. the Velvet Underground.

The amount of new ground that this band broke is hardly surpassed by any other band. It's difficult to think of rock, punk, alternative, blues, psychedelic, glam, grunge, experimental, songwriting, poetry, rhythm, overlaying guitars, pain, revelation, feeling like shit, feeling badass, wanting to party, wanting to be in love, all your victories, all your regrets, wanting the day to be over, loving the day for just beginning, fucking everything without this band. Their albums will last forever. They are everything that is beautiful about music.

If you don't have their music get something, anything. If you don't like Lou Reed's voice listen again.

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