Sunday, December 28, 2008

Music and Math

I decided I know a lot about two things: music and markets. Kind of a crazy combination no? The Beverly Hills High School indie snob turned mathematician in the good old PA and now back in my hometown as a trader. Not "traitor," I've had people ask me why I don't like my country on more than one occasion.

I went to an often unbearably challenging university on the east coast, Carnegie Mellon University, primarily because I knew I wanted to do math and secondarily because I wanted to keep my connections with music. The university has premier programs in both technical studies and the arts. The latter I did not pursue, as coping with the demands of getting a mathematics degree was enough to keep me occupied.

By some stroke of luck this small algorithmic trading firm located in Beverly Hills called EWT, came to recruit at CMU. So now I'm using my math aptitude to trade currencies, and I'm doing it at home.

Certain parts of me wish that I had persued music a little more in my life. I'm not a backward looking person and I'm very happy with the cards I have been dealt and how I've played them, but it's probably the most important hobby/aspect of my life that I never pursued seriously. This blog is my way of revisiting music.

I hope anyone that came to me for music recommendations over the years finds this, and enjoys what I put out. I'll post songs on this page-- the first, Brian Eno's the Big Ship, is a classic, off of one of my favorite albums, Another Green World. This song was released in 1975 and does not sound outdated. Read about Eno's accident that inspired him to release this album if you have the chance.

I'll also throw in things about myself, as well as comment on significant events that occurred in the market.


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